California Chicken Cafe

California Chicken Cafe has been serving rotisserie chicken, salads, and wraps since 1991 when the first store opened on Melrose Avenue. Two college friends started California Chicken Cafe with the vision of a quick service restaurant with great value and great food. Melrose was busy the first day it opened and it has yet to slow down.

With business doing well at Melrose, it was time to open another location. A third fiend joined as a partner with the opening of the second location, Santa Monica, in 1993.

In a very competitive industry, California Chicken Cafe continues to succeed with great team members, loyal guests, and the owners’ commitment to quality, service, and value. Currently, California Chicken Cafe has 8 locations throughout the San Fernando Valley and Los Angeles area.

CCC is more than a Job

At CCC, every position has opportunity for advancement within the company. A good portion of our staff have been with the company since our opening in 1991.

CCC is More than a Workplace

It is home to the CCC family! As a family,it is important that we all work together, encourage our fellow family members & make CCC a great place to be! While we have many staff members who are brand new, we also have many staff members that have been a part of the CCC family for a long time! Whether you are new or have been w/ us for a while, we expect all of you to ask for help when you need it & offer a helping hand when you can. By working together as a team, CCC will remain a great place to call home!

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